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About Broken & Beautiful

Amber Stewart sitting in her wheelchair at coffee shop feeding her small dog.
View from the Pinnacle Scenic Overlook in Holtwood PA.
Picture of Amber Stewart in front of a crumbling house in Fair Hill MD.

I'm Amber, and I'm so glad you are here. Welcome to the world of B&B. Here, we recognize all disabilities and the difficulties they bring while focusing on creating beautiful lives through community, training, and some laughs along the way. You are not alone. 

Why is it that the people who have gone through the hardest things in this life are also the ones who are often looked down upon by society? If you don't fit into their cookie cutter shape of what a normal, healthy individual should look like, you're looked down upon. What if they have it all wrong? What if it's actually reversed, and those of us who go through Hell on earth know what true joy is? What if the underdogs are more powerful than anyone gives them credit for? What if the only thing stopping you from greatness is love from a community of others just like you to remind you that you're not alone? Call this a lifestyle movement or a social experiment, because we don't care about labels. Make no mistake, though: we are not vegetables, we are capable of living abundantly, and we are here to stay.

All are welcome. Let's grow in grace, together. 

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