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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I go through spells where I just can't write: either I don't have anything I want to share or I simply don't think the world is ready to heed my words. That's why I have always struggled with the idea of regularly blogging. I write when I believe God tells me to write; nothing more, nothing less.

Life with special needs is sort of comparable to the life of a surgeon: your day could go 0-360 in the blink of an eye. Everything can start off going great and you genuinely think it's going to be a smooth day. You manage to stay in the clear for a few hours, and then all Hell breaks loose and you're stuck in the crossfire. And just like the job of a surgeon, we have to constantly be prepared to handle anything, even when we're tired and just want a day off.

My health status can turn on a dime faster than you can chug your morning cup of Joe. Life is going great until I'm awakened at 3 AM confused and disoriented while my father tries to explain that my oxygen levels are dropping in the 70s and Mom is taking me to John Hopkins right now. I'll wake up one morning ready to face the day, only to cry out in agonizing pain when my caregiver goes to move me. Cellulitis... Again. Fantastic. Or when I go to sleep only to awaken hours later sick with pneumonia and all hands on deck.

My mother, God bless her, has become the fastest overnight bag packer this side of the Mississippi from thirty years of me keeping her on her toes. You know, she's never complained once. If that's not true love, I'm not sure what is. She's gotten our emergency load up and roll out routine down to thirty minutes flat, even with her looking as beautiful as ever. She's also learned how to speed thanks to me.

The life of a special needs adult is a life of preparation. Pay attention because the smallest bit of discomfort can quickly evolve into a devastating sickness and if you don't get it addressed now, before you can blink it's Sepsis and then you really have to fight with every fiber of your being. Why? Because when the storm calms and you come out of the other side, life really is quite wonderful and as such it is worth fighting for every single time.

Life is the most precious gift we will ever receive and as such it must be taken care of, no matter the cost. Sure, it's hard; but nothing worth having ever comes easy. Stay vigilant and keep your eyes open; for there lies a reward greater than one could ever imagine for those of us who not only press on, but do so with joy.

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